White House Handlers Put Biden In Lockdown, See Why…

The White House on Monday blocked President Joe Biden from speaking with reporters about a signature effort his administration his putting forward.

The Biden administration is kicking off a publicity push to announce the child tax credit they included in the massive coronavirus spending package.

Families will begin receiving monthly payments in their bank accounts of $250 or more per child beginning in July, a massive entitlement program that comes as part of Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus rescue plan.

Biden was not allowed to be at the messaging strategy meetings, nor speak publicly to the press on the day the administration planned to reveal the tax credit.

His daily schedule for Monday only featured a meeting with financial regulators at 1:45 pm. The event was closed to the press.

Instead, the White House sent Vice President Kamala Harris to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to deliver a speech on the issue.

The White House released a 430-word statement “written” Biden on Monday afternoon to promote the tax credit. However, it’s clear that one of his press aides prepared the announcement as it reads exactly like on his carefully constructed speeches.

On Monday morning, White House press secretary Jen Psaki appeared on TV to announce the tax credit.

Press staff also sent messaging promoting the program on social media, using the president’s account to share pre-approved statements.

White House staff sidelining Biden comes after a series of blunders the president made in front of the press.

Last week Biden careened off topic from COVID vaccines when a reporter asked for his reaction to the Catholic Church’s decision on denying communion to pro-abortion political figures.

Here’s his response:

After a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Biden snapped at a reporter who dare ask a tough question about the summit.

Biden later apologized to reporters for losing his temper but continued complaining about “negative” press while his aides begged him to board Air Force One.

“Sir, we need to go. Sir, we really have to go,” the handler said.

Last month Jen Psaki admitted in an interview with David Axelrod, her former boss, that she advises the president not to take questions from reporters. She reiterated her desire to shield Biden’s access from journalists, significantly reducing the transparency within the administration.

Axelrod acknowledged Biden’s absentmindedness, and praised Psaki for “managing” him.

Biden frequently admits that he will likely “get in trouble” if he veers off a prepared list of reporters and questions given to him by his press team.

Reporters have also noted the heightened efforts to control Biden’s press appearances.

Even the ultra-liberal, Fake, CNN noted on air the lack of transparency within the Biden administration.

“I have never seen a President, covering the last four of them, so protected by his aides,” a CNN pundit said.

Author: Asa McCue