Witch Hunt Continues — Trump Family Fights Off Insane Legal Attack

It appears that Trump and his family will forever face ongoing legal attacks from every angle until they are somehow bankrupted and/or thrown into prison.

As unlikely as both of those scenarios may be, liberal prosecutors and politicians have and will try everything in their means to take down the Trump family.

This week, another judge proved without a shadow of a doubt that Trump nor his family are safe from the legal witch hunt that continues to plague them.

A Manhattan judge rejected an effort by Former President Donald Trump and two of his children to quash subpoenas in New York Attorney General Letitia James’s civil investigation into the Trump Organization.

Judge Arthur Engoron of the Manhattan Supreme Court ordered Trump on Thursday to share documents within 14 days and appear for a deposition in 21 days. Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump were also ordered to appear for depositions within 21 days.

“Today, justice prevailed,” James said in a statement.

*eye roll*

It’s always opposite day with liberals…

“Donald J. Trump, Donald Trump, Jr., and Ivanka Trump have been ordered by the court to comply with our lawful investigation into Mr. Trump and the Trump Organization’s financial dealings.”

“No one will be permitted to stand in the way of the pursuit of justice, no matter how powerful they are,” James said. “No one is above the law.”

Oh, really? No one is above the law? How about the left-wing domestic terrorists who received virtually zero legal repercussions for burning down America’s largest cities two summers ago?

Lawyers for the Trumps had sought to block the subpoenas, arguing James is politically motivated and attempting to “circumvent the entire grand jury process” to assist a separate criminal investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

James’s office detailed a long list of allegations that Trump’s organization exaggerated the value of assets in order to get favorable loan terms and misstated what land was worth in order to lessen the tax burden, according to court documents filed in January. Trump Jr. and his brother Eric Trump run the company, while Ivanka Trump, their sister, was formerly an executive at the business.

A few days prior, Trump released a statement defending the billion-dollar company he built:

We just hope that Trump can sustain the constant legal attacks constantly lobbed at him.

Something tells us he surely can…

Author: Nolan Sheridan