Biden Tells Extremely Disturbing Story That Makes Everyone Squirm

What in god’s green earth is Joe Biden going on about now?

The man is so devoid of basic mental capacity in his old age, it appears he’s begun atoning for all past sins as he approaches death.

On Tuesday, Joe Biden delivered a speech to a crowd of local politicians in which he earned room full of laughs after recalling a disturbing encounter from his time as New Castle Country councilman.

Biden, speaking at the National Association of Counties conference in Washington, D.C., told the room he knows “from personal experience how hard the job you have is” and joked that he ran for Senate to avoid the pitfalls of county council.

“I got a call one night. A woman said to me — obviously not of the same persuasion as I was politically — called me and said, ‘There’s a dead dog on my lawn,'” the president recounted.

Biden said he recommended that the woman contact “the county,” but she claimed to have already done so and demanded that the body be removed immediately, telling Biden she “paid his salary.”

“So I went over there,” he continued. “I picked it up. She said, ‘I want it out of my yard,’ so I put it on her doorstep.”

The president later clarified that he’s “gotten much better since then.”

As animal obsessed as the left is, even granting pets with more rights than human beings, this admission would cause blood to leak from their eyes out of pure rage. If a Republican had recalled an event such as this, there would be mass protests and calls for immediate resignation. But since Biden is a liberal Democrat, he’s more than safe from backlash, even if he played around with a dead dog’s corpse.

Throughout his speech, Biden hit on a number of themes he’d outlined in past interactions with local politicians and called for their help in furthering his economic agenda. He particularly vowed to continue fighting rising prices for gas and other goods.

You can watch Biden’s remarks in full.

Joe Biden is a creep far beyond what anyone expected. The hair smelling, weird behavior around children, mention of his hairy legs, ‘corn pop,’ blatant racism, etc does not compare to manipulating a dead dog’s corpse in order to intimidate constituents.

Absolute insanity.

Author: Nolan Sheridan